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Liam BettinsonThe idea of pursuing PR first came to me in a careers advice meeting at age 18. The suggestion of this potential career path was met with the usual teenage shrug and a murmured, “No, I don’t think that’s for me.”  In all honesty, coming from a small Cornish town, I didn’t know what PR was.

Fast-forward three years and I’m sat writing this blog post on my last day of work experience at Grayling. It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?

I’m currently in my second-year at UWE, studying Journalism and PR, which has been very insightful in terms of where I see myself after graduation. Consequently there is no doubt in my mind that PR is the path I want to take.

While I had already undertaken work-experience in PR, I was still apprehensive on my first day at Grayling and was unsure of what would greet me. I needn’t have worried. Greeted by the Dacey duo, Meg and Cait, I was immediately put at ease and felt like a part of the team that same day.

It was impressive to see that my whole experience had been timetabled in advance so I could see exactly what I’d be doing and what was expected of me. In my short time in the Bristol Office, I was given the chance to take part in a wide range of activities including; photo-calls, selling in stories to the media and writing content for blogs and social media platforms. Working mainly on the M&S Spark Something Good campaign, I was amazed at just how much the team juggled. It made me determined to try my best and not let them down when it was obvious they all worked tirelessly and loved their jobs.

I’m incredibly grateful to the whole team at Grayling for their warm welcome, enduring support and complete professionalism. It’s been such a privilege to work with an amazing team and undertake a workload that has both challenged and interested me. My eyes have been opened wider to the industry and I know that my time here at Grayling can only benefit me for the future.

No longer a shrugging 18 year old, I’m happy to say that I’ve learnt what PR is to me – an ideal career. Unlike many students, I’ll be graduating from university next year without fear or apprehension because I know that there are so many exciting opportunities in PR for me to explore.